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    Is this something that has to be installed on the cpanel? Or is it all done on the forum admin panel. Products and hooks etc?



      There is a core file folder you will need to add to your web directory.

      Then through the admincp. There is a file you will upload in the product/hooks. At the bottom of that page is "add/import product link". Select that then navigate to where it is on your computer.

      Then finish setting up in the settings/options/[] Likes Summary Settings


        This mod still works with vB 5.6.0


          Easy to install, great instructions and the mod works well on vb 5.6.0

          ...but oddly only for admin on my site, not for super moderators or registered users.
          Which permissions on the forum are required for this to work?


            24 hours of hair pulling and I've found it.

            Usergroup manager
            Registered Members
            User Reputation Permissions
            Can see who liked a post - YES

            See who liked

            If that isn't set for the users then no one sees it.


              just bought and it works great
              thank you
              I have one question: can you replace your user name by (you) in like sammay, I mean instead of <your username> liked this, to you liked this
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                You can integrate a product by clicking Like
                With a product display the number of likes granted
                In one product


                  this support 5.6.4 version?


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                    It does on stand-alone sites. I cannot verify for cloud sites.

                  I bought a copy of this about a year ago, it works well, great code and a good feature to our site.

                  I just received an email saying:

                  We have released a new version of vB5 – Likes Summary (Branding-Free)!
                  Use the link below to download your items. This link may be used up to 5 times before it expires on...

                  and a link to

                  Seems odd to get an email out of the blue, no mention of an update in this thread and Glenn is still MIA.
                  Anyone else get and installed it?
                  or is it a clever trojan from a hacked account?
                  am I being too paranoid?


                    I was equally suspicious given Glenn is MIA. I used an old phone to download extracted the files and then copied the text to my PC to analyse.

                    It does look like an update, very few changes in the files comparing them

                    Function changed in the xml with a bit more CSS

                    Version History:
                    - Fixed "Default Visible Users Count" setting of 0 to correctly show ALL users who liked a post.

                    - Initial version


                      This is a wonderful plugin. Thanks.

                      Suggestion: I loved the display all feature, so any poster can see all the users like their post. When the user list is getting bigger and becomes longer. Is there any way to collapse the list, and display only 5 to 10 users? When you want to see the whole list, just click "display more" to see the completed list.