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Add Custom Profile Fields in Postbit

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    Hi glennrocksvb

    Just noticed that the user status field isn't editable by administrator members which might be used and displayed in the postbit. Is there a way to edit entries?

    Regards and thanks in advance =)


      Status can only be added by individual users. To display status in postbit, use this mod:


        It's so simple and useful, thanks for sharing.

        I wonder if this is possible in your plugin:

        I tried to edit the conversation_userinfo template in according to codes above, but it didn't work.


          You can edit the template used in this mod (not recommended to edit existing vB templates) to accomodate the display of country custom field value as flag images.


            Hi glen......challange for you..

            It's possibile for you to put icons of facebook, instagram, skype and twitter on postbit.... on under zone of postbit

            like this?


            Click image for larger version

Name:	postbit-vb5.jpg
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            • glennrocksvb
              glennrocksvb commented
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              I'll take a look.

            I figured out a way to display images or CSS icons in the profile field values in postbit. See the Gender field here in my postbit. I am using pure CSS as the Male icon. This solution should enable any type of profile fields that you want to display images or icons instead of plain text. For example, now it's possible to display country flag images for Country custom profile field.

            I will post this solution and update this mod when I get a chance.


              Head over to your User Settings > Profile tab and set your Gender to see the Male or Female icon in your postbit.


                FYI. I've also added the Country custom profile field in the postbit on this site and it displays the corresponding flag image icon. Please feel free to update your Country in the User Settings if you want. I will release an upgrade to this mod once I know everything is working fine. Thanks!


                • Udug
                  Udug commented
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                  Gender and Country pics in Postbit will be a nice thing to have on any forum! Thank you Glenn, for your support and development.

                Hi Glenn,
                Is there a way that I can show the profile fields on pc, but not on tablet or phone mode? (And for that matter, I would like that for the standard join date and post count as well)


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                  For the Custom Profile Fields I've added a class to the "hook_profile_fields_postbit" template and added the following in my css_additional.css:
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                  Maybe glennrocksvb can assist you with the default data.


                    really it's great app