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    Sure.. I will try to explain

    Our Community is new.. so we have like 4 user groups.
    - registred members (no html markup)
    - 3 different kind of custom "VIP" member groups (of which each has a different html markup)

    Normally a member who registers to the forum is in the first group with no html markup (vbulletin group default).
    After they registred we set their primary group to one of the 3 custom user groups (with markup).

    (We had a limit of the first 30 registered users who would get free VIP for lifetime)

    The 3 additional group are used for paid subscription.

    But its still free for testing until 15. August this year.

    So yesterday I added the first new user to a "paid subscription" (because of using the end-date). So his primary group is still "registred users" but he is also added to another group with html markup.

    As I mentionend before: The markup is shown everywhere like in threads postbit or on profile. But in the "last 24 hours visitors" the markup does not work. It shows the one from his primary group.
    So I think somehow the mod does not take the markup from the overwriting group but only the primary group of the member?


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      Thanks for the explanation. I'll take a look into this.



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        Is there any way to use this, or something similar with vb cloud?


        • glennrocksvb
          glennrocksvb commented
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          Unfortunately not as it requires executing an SQL query to fetch the last visitors from the database. That is not allowed in vBCloud.

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        Just bought, installed, and HUGE smile on my face


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          Thanks GeirS. Glad you liked it!