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    Official - Paid Require Topic Prefixes

    This plugin will allow vBulletin 5 forum admins to specify certain forum(s) to require all new topics to have a prefix attached to them. There will be a setting in the AdminCP to configure the selected forums. Leaving the setting as empty (which is the default) or zero means all forums have required prefix (if any).

    This plugin does not require editing existing vBulletin templates. So you don't have to worry about template merge conflicts during upgrades.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	prefix.png Views:	1 Size:	14.2 KB ID:	5587

    Please refer to the installation document included in the file.

    Version History:

    - Fixed bug wherein clicking Preview button then clicking Post button would allow bypassing the Prefix validation.

    - Initial version.

    Price 1:

    $15 (with branding in the footer)

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    Price 2:

    ($15 base price + $25 branding-free)

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    Product Installation Add-On: $20
    Purchase this product add-on to get professional installation of this mod from us.

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    Last edited by glennrocksvb; 07-27-2017, 05:36 PM. Reason: Updated to version v1.1 to fix a bug

    Nice work.

    One bug I found. If someone clicks the Preview button and previews their post, they can click the Post button from the preview screen and the topic will be posted without a prefix. They do get a prompt saying to select a prefix, but the prompt only stays up long enough for the topic to be saved to the database then you're redirected to the new post.


      Thanks for the feedback. I will fix that bug.


        Sp0rtsJunki3, I have fixed the bug and re-opened your order. You should receive an email containing the download link shortly.

        Please let me know if this fixes the issue or not. Thanks!


          That did the trick, you are awesome! More ideas coming your way shortly.


          • glennrocksvb
            glennrocksvb commented
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            You're welcome! Thanks for reporting the issue.

          I think this is something we need.. (as long as there are no custom thread fields)

          But... I have to admit: I am not really sure how to add prefixes correctly. Could someone please send me a link to a good tutorial or write one ? (the online documentary of vb5 does not help me)
          What is the ID (how should it look like)
          What is the difference between prefix category and then prefix itself????
          I really have no idea


            Add a prefix category then add prefixes under it. The prefixes are what show up on the site. The category is just to organize the prefixes.



            • shining
              shining commented
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              Got it now Thank you... and purchased.

            • glennrocksvb
              glennrocksvb commented
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              Thanks for the purchase. Your badge has been updated.

            Installed and working perfect thanks for your work
            A cordial greeting


            • glennrocksvb
              glennrocksvb commented
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              Thank you for your purchase!

            Super cool, Exactly what i need right now, This will be in my first order after i upgrade my license to self hosted.