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Adding Login SignUp window to sidebar Vb5.3.4

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    Adding Login SignUp window to sidebar Vb5.3.4

    Sometimes it is desirable to have a Login window displayed more openly such as the pic below
    Click image for larger version  Name:	login.png Views:	1 Size:	34.6 KB ID:	8542

    This can be achieved very easily using the static html module with the newly implemented permissions for vb5.3.4 or for earlier versions use the Ad module all you need is the developer tools now that comes with most browsers i used firefox quantum in this short video below thats shows how to get the login box in the sidebar which is only visable to unregistered or not logged in.
    Last edited by willie53; 01-05-2018, 08:15 AM. Reason: Updated video to use glenns code below
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    It's better and easier to simply use the login <iframe> tag and not the entire HTML for the login. That's what I'm using on this site on the homepage.

    <iframe id="idLoginIframe" class="js-menu__login-iframe" src="auth/login-form" style="width:100%"></iframe>
    With your solution, if something changes in the login page in the future, you'll have to update your HTML module. And besides, you don't have to include the <html>, <body> tags in the module as the page already has them. You're lucky the browser is forgiving about the multiple html and body tags and it still works. But it's not a guarantee that it will also work in other browsers browsers today and in the future.


    • willie53
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      Have amended the video to use code above

    • GM Junkies
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      Thank you!

    • Merenguista
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      Thanks, it work just fine for me.

    Nice Mod.
    I constantly get new users asking where to sign in. That tiny little box on the top just doesn't cut it