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    Official - Paid Set Editor Default Content Type

    This plugin allows you to set the default content type (gallery, link, poll or event) when starting a new topic. This will automatically select the corresponding editor toolbar icon for the content type and makes it easier for users to start a topic.

    The type querystring parameter is passed in the Create New Topic URL:

    where the value can be gallery, link, poll or event.

    In the example URL above, the Create New Topic page will automatically select the Event icon in the editor. Based on the configuration of the mod, the other icons (Camera, Link, Poll) may be hidden or not.

    Use Cases:
    1. Use for creating Event posts in a designated forum channel. See Events Module That Rocks! mod for more info.
    2. In an Announcement, Notice or in a post or in an external site (Facebook post), you can post a link to the Create New Topic page passing the default type desired.
      For example:
      • Post your photos at and have a chance to win ___________!
      • Share you YouTube videos at
      • Start your own Poll at and see what the community thinks.
    3. If you integrate this with the Prefilled Editor mod, you can auto-fill topic title and body and then auto-select content type.
      For example:
      Post your birthday at

    This mod doesn't require editing existing vB templates so there's nothing to worry about template merge conflicts during upgrades.

    Plugin Settings in AdminCP:

    This mod has settings in AdminCP > Settings > Options > [] Editor Default Content Type Settings. Below are the options:
    • Enable this mod? This allows you to quickly enable/disable the mod as needed.
    • Hide Other Content Type Icons? Hide other content type icons not specified as the default or keep them visible and still clickable.
    • Create New Topic Header Title Allows you to change the default 'Create New Topic' page title and window/tab title based on the default content type. For example, if type=event is used, then default page title and window/tab title is 'Create New Event'. This is phrased so this can be easily translated in the Phrase Manager.

    Price 1:

    $20 (with branding in the footer)

    Buy Now Add to Cart View Cart

    Price 2:

    ($20 base price + $25 branding-free)

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    Need help or not comfortable installing this mod? Purchase the installation service below:

    Product Installation Add-On: $20
    Purchase this product add-on to get professional installation of this mod from us.

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    Don't have a PayPal account yet or want to use a new account to purchase this mod? Sign up with PayPal now and get $5 reward!

    Want to pay using Credit/Debit Card? Contact us and we will send you an invoice where you can use your own card.

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