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Temporary fix for the vBMessenger popup issue in Chrome 59

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    Official - Free Temporary fix for the vBMessenger popup issue in Chrome 59

    Starting Chrome 59, the vBMessenger chat window opens in a new tab instead of popup. See related discussion in here.

    Upon investigation, I found out that Chrome doesn't like location=yes or location=1 window popup features when calling in Javascript. This option turns off/on the browser's location bar and this used to be allowed. But it has long been disallowed for security reason (e.g. any malicious script could open a login popup window without address bar to pretend it is a login page from a bank). So it looks like Chrome 59 decided to ignore the entire specified window popup features if it has the unnecessary "location" option. Setting location=no or location=0 doesn't work anyway, so it is a useless option.

    I opened a JIRA for this issue at to remove the location option in I don't know when vBulletin will fix it. I have a temporary workaround solution below if you can't wait for the official fix.

    Copy and paste the Javascript code below to head_include template in Style Manager in AdminCP.
    (function() {
        // cache the original function
        var origWinOpen =;
        // override the built-in function = function(url, target, features) {
            // there are multiple variations (location=yes, location=1, location\x3dyes, location\x3d1), so just replace 'location' with 'dummy' for simplicity's sake
            features = features ? features.replace('location', 'dummy') : '';
            // call the cached original function
            return origWinOpen(url, target, features);
    For vBCloud, editing templates is not allowed. But you can utilize the Search Engine Verification option in AdminCP > Settings > Options. Set "Enable Google Ownership Verification" to Yes. Paste the code above to the "Google Ownership Verification HTML tag" textbox. If it already has existing code there, don't overwrite it and just paste the code below it.

    Watch out for the JIRA status. Once it's officially fixed by vBulletin, you should remove this temporary solution.

    Edit: This has been officially fixed starting vB 5.3.3. You have to remove the temporary fix starting that version.
    Last edited by glennrocksvb; 12-20-2017, 12:24 AM.

    Works great Glenn, hope you keep this thread updated if you notice they fix it.



      Thanks Glenn, works like a charm.


        Thankyou Glenn, it worked perfect


          This issue is fixed in the upcoming 5.3.3 version. When that is released, you don't need this temporary fix.


          • Mitch
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            Thanks for the info!