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Intermittent slow posting vBulletin 4.2.5

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  • Intermittent slow posting vBulletin 4.2.5

    Trying to track down a vexing intermittent problem where posting will hang, lond enough to sometimes double post when it eventually completes.

    Previously on a dedicated server. Downgraded to a VPS with the same host.

    Never had any problems until I switched servers.

    Centos VPS with PHP 7.1
    vBulletin 4.2.5

    I was reading the thread at which mentioned a mod to fix a similar or related issue - not sure if it or something similar could be used with 4.2.5

    Or any other advice from anyone who may also have experienced this issue wit vB4

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    The mod referenced in that thread is specifically for the stuck "Working..." indicator issue in vB5. I don't think vB4 has that same issue.


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      Ok. I am having a similar issue on vB4.2.5. Wondered if it would help.



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        Check if mod_security is enabled on the server. Try disabling it and see if that helps.


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          Thank you. You are the first person who has suggested disabling mod_security.

          I just turned it off for the forum domain (subdomain). I'll see if that helps.


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            Disabling mod_security is actually not recommended. We're just trying to find out if that's the root cause. If it is, then the next step is to find out which rule is causing the issue and then disable or change it instead of disabling mod_security entirely.


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              Yes understood. cPanel basically tells you that - okay to disable to debug problems on a site but then remember to enable it again.


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                So did disabling it fix the slowness?


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                  I'm not certain yet. A big problem in tracking this down is that it's intermittent. Loading forum pages isn't uniformly slow but intermittently trying to post (new thread, reply to old thread, posting a pm) is very slow and when it's slow often results in a double post.


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                  I have requested feedback from forum members too and some reports are coming in. It will take a day or two maybe to see if this makes a difference.


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                    Actually, it's happening quite frequently this evening for me and for others, so I guess the answer is no - disabling mod_security didn't help.


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                      Do you have other security in place like Sucuri? Or this could be related to large searchlog table?


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                        The only other security is CPHulk.

                        No to the search log issue. I was able to rule that out quite a while ago.

                        No to memcached. Not installed.

                        I am becoming convinced this is a database server issue. Not the database itself but the dastabase server.


                        • glennrocksvb
                          glennrocksvb commented
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                          Could be. Have you contacted your host?

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                        Yes but I'm going to update the ticket. They had suggested I try some other things which didn't help. I want them to focus on the database server now.