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Change "Go To Top" Name & Link

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  • Change "Go To Top" Name & Link

    Would like the ability to change the name and link of the GO TO TOP link in the footer. Is this possible in Cloud? Would prefer something like BACK TO TOPICS or BACK TO FORUM so when a user scrolls to the bottom of the thread, clicking BTT/BTF sends the user back to the top of the Forum page instead of back to the top of the topic. It doesn't make sense to me to send the user to the top of the thread after they just finished reading it, so would rather they be directed back to the top of the Forum instead to see if any new topics have been posted. I hope this is clear.

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    You can add more navigation links in the footer in Sitebuilder > Footer. But it would be a static link. You cannot make a dynamic link that links to a different URL based on what topic you're on.