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Dice Rolls for Play by Post Game

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    Dice Rolls for Play by Post Game

    Hi everyone,

    Nice to meet you! I’m a potential vBulletin buyer and full time nerd. What I’’d like to ask before I commit is, are there freely available and current dice rolling extensions for vBulletin, or someone willing to please create/sell this to order for me? I know it can be done, as vB boards like RPG Crossing have great dice rollers integrated right into the posts. Check out their cool dice rolling thread. I’ve also found threads from older vB versions sharing this code, but they’re like 2009-2014.

    For those who don’t know what it is, this is a Dungeons & Dragons type play by post game. It would be essential that players have the ability to roll dice in their posts and have the extension impartially decide the results.

    Something like [DICE]1d20[/DICE] would roll one twenty-sided die and show the results in its own box. Of course, it gets more complex. As an example, [DICE=Dan’’s Attack Roll]1d20+5[/DICE] would roll a twenty-sided die, add five to the roll, and display the outcome in a box labeled Dan’’s Attack Roll. You could roll 1d100 to represent a percent chance, 2d4+1 to roll two four-sided dice and add one, etc. These basics would really be needed to run a game, but there’’s all kinds of room for alternative ways to roll dice.

    A moderator at vBulletin’s forums suggested posting here to see what it might cost.

    Sorry for the lengthy post! I’’m physically disabled and do this purely for a hobby, so it’’s a big investment to buy vBulletin and risk not having what’’s needed for the game. There are other choices, but as we’re trying to keep community site/wiki/forum together, it would be a better solution just to have players roll and nest the roll plus results in their posts.

    Thanks for helping to educate me and arrive at a decision about buying vB, plus (I hope) either a die roller or an offer to create one? By the way, I’m a total tech novice, so don’t count on me to grasp much of the programming language.

    Welcome to Lorekeeper. Thanks for joining this community.

    Can you provide a link to a dice rolling plugin or screenshots of how it looks like? And also is there any documentation of all the rules and requirements?


      Hi there,

      glennrocksvb Thanks for the welcome!

      Unfortunately, I can’t link such an extension. If I had one, I’d be all set!

      What I can do is link a couple threads which show RPG Crossing’s dice roller in action. Unfortunately, the site says I’m not allowed to post external links?

      For that example, if you go to the RPG Crossing forum under Questions and Site Discussions, the first thread stickied at the very top provides instructions and examples on their roller extension. As you’ll see, it’s WAY more complex than what I’ve requested.


        Originally posted by Lorekeeper View Post
        Unfortunately, the site says I’m not allowed to post external links?
        Yes, users with 3 or less posts are not allowed to post external links. That's from the Stop Links in Posts mod I created.


          Oops! Sorry, I just jumped over here and posted when the vBulletin mod said to do so. I didn’t think to read the posting rules. Bad form on my part.

          This should actually be my third post, though, so I will follow with the examples you requested.


            Hmm. This should be my fourth post, but it’s still preventing external URL linking. Will try adding one more. I’d quite like to do business with you, if the board would let me post. :P


              glennrocksvb Okay, the examples you wanted now that I can post them! As I said, I can’t link an actual extension because there are none freely available as far as I can tell. The vB mods sent me here to either request creation of an extension or to get a price quote for it.

              The following link shows instructions for one play by post site’s dice roller, and they do use vBulletin. It’s quite a bit more complex than what I requested in my original post here, but it shows how it works plus example rolls:


              There is also an advanced FAQ for rolling, but I don’t need anything so complex as that.

              The basic die rolling I wrote about in my original post is enough, with basic math to adjust the rolls (I.e. 1d20, 1d20+4, 2d4-2, and so on) and results nested in the post like on the example site. To prevent cheating, it’s also important that the player can’t edit the results of their die roll.

              I hope the link helps, and if you can create the extension, I hope it’ll be within my budget! Finances are a bit limited on disability, plus I have to buy the vB license if the roller can be made for me. So, it’s a lot.

              Looking forward to your conclusions!


                Lorekeeper, I got your email via Contact Us. Sorry for the inconvenience. This site has a known issue with being logged out and I haven't had a chance to fix it. As a workaround, please check "Remember me" checkbox when logging in.

                As for your mod request, I still have to study and learn the rules for the dice rolling system. I've read your link but it requires more time to fully undestand all the rules.


                  I temporarily fixed the logout issue by making Remember me checked by default. So please logout and login again.


                    glennrocksvb Thanks for getting back to me! It happens that I did try the Remember Me option as a last resort, and that worked.

                    As for the rules, what they boil down to is pretty simple. If the player types [DICE]1d20[/DICE], then the extension rolls one twenty-sided die (results anywhere from 1 to 20) and nests the roll plus result within the post. If they typed [DICE]2d4+2[/DICE], it would do the same thing but roll two four-sided dice and add two to the results. It's pretty straightforward, and most any die combination can be used. 8d6-5, 1d100, etc. Labeling the nested roll by typing something like [DICE=Glenn's Attack Roll]1d20+4[/DICE] would roll the dice as normal, but add the label to the nested roll.

                    There aren't really any rules there for you to learn, because this kind of dice system is actually used for multiple game systems.

                    As I said, would obviously also have to prevent the player from editing their roll after it's made, or they can cheat.


                      To roll fudge dice, use a letter 'F' in place of the die type (case insensitive), for example:
                      [DICE=fudge]4df [/DICE]
                      to get:
                      Dice fudge:
                      4df 1, 0, 0, -1 Total = 0
                      How does the fudge work? Can it generate 0 and -1?

                      And when a post with dice rolls in it is submitted and saved, it would generate the dice result one time only, right? And when the user edited the post, the existing dice result will never change. Is that correct?


                        glennrocksvb Firstly, regarding your fix to the login issues... I tested on my laptop with Firefox, and on my tablet with Safari. Both are now staying logged in, so it looks like you have that under control!

                        There's no need for the fudge dice or any of those more complex features under the rule system I'll be using. What I described above is pretty much all I will need. If you can add to, subtract from, multiply or divide any rolled dice, that about covers it.

                        To answer your second question, that's correct, the result of the roll would be generated only once and it would always remain the same. The player can edit the rest of their post freely, but if they try to edit the roll, that part just won't change. Prevents the player from changing the roll to a more favorable result.


                          Originally posted by Lorekeeper View Post
                          The player can edit the rest of their post freely, but if they try to edit the roll, that part just won't change. Prevents the player from changing the roll to a more favorable result.
                          But they can delete the roll, right?


                            glennrocksvb No, the player should not be able to edit or delete the roll. It's permanent once it's there. Anything else in the post can be edited freely.

                            If there is an issue with the roll, such as having typo'd a number or something, they can just inform the game staff of the issue and ask permission to roll again. They could edit additional rolls into the post, too, just separate from the rolls which were made prior.

                            Were they able to delete the roll, it would be the same as being able to edit it, enabling them to cheat by changing unfavorable results during gameplay.


                              Ok I got it.

                              For the admins, do they need an interface to see all the dice rolls for different users and posts in a list? Or is this not required?