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Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home

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    Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home

    The home speaker market is hotting up, and there is already an Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini war taking place! The two mega-corporations have become the dominant players in this artificial intelligence marketplace, and thus it is informative to compare the qualities of the two devices.

    Do you own one of these devices? I own 2 Amazon Echo Dots. I got one for free from Amazon for developing an Alexa Skill app for Latest Posts.

    I agree that Google Home Mini is better than Amazon Echo Dot in terms of functionality. But Amazon is 2 years ahead of Google in releasing voice-activated speakers. Thus Amazon has a big edge in the number of apps and integration with home automation makers.

    As a Developer, I find the documentation for Amazon Alexa for creating apps is better than Google Home's. It's easier to develop apps for Alexa than Google Home.

    See link below for more details on the comparison of the 2 devices done by Forbes.
    The home speaker market is hotting up, and there is already an Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini war taking place!
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    Your thoughts? All the precautions we take and yet we allow others to trespass. I have concerns like recording key board sounds etc. Each key stroke makes a unique sound wouldn't be too much to decode what is being typed on a keyboard by the unique sounds each key stroke makes in our home or office.


      When I first heard this news, I opted out of this feature to stop Amazon from listening to my recordings. You can also clear your Alexa history and delete your voice recordings if you want. While the concerns for privacy issues are real in the online world, sometimes there are ways to mitigate them by opting out or totally not using the device or service at all. If you want total online privacy, then you should not be online. You should not be on social media, not use email, not post on forums, not use smartphones, smart speakers and any smart devices, not do online shopping, not use cars with entertainment system (or you could be hacked), etc. But whether we like it or not, we can't live without them. We prefer convenience over privacy.