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I am Mohmmed. Hello all!

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  • mohammed
    started a topic I am Mohmmed. Hello all!

    I am Mohmmed. Hello all!

    Thank you for these amazing forums.
    All the best to you.

    I have just noted your rule stating that a member should introduce himself properly. My name is Mohammed. I am a translator and interpreter from Jordan. My work in training interpreters and trainees has led me to vbulletin as a forum for trainees. Since I was 16, I have had a great passion with modifications and have been curious to know how to amend software and games. At the time, a computer that had a RAM capacity of 256kb was a miracle however, despite limitations, there were lots of opportunities to enter into the deep codes of games and other software. I remember using Poke and Vpoke instructions to change 'game over' for example into something else, my name sometimes. I also learned at the time how to break certain programs (not a malicious mind, but a curious mind that I had then).

    Unfortunately, for me, there were zero chances for development in that career. With little support and no financial means, I could not pursue my dream of becoming a programmer. The same curiosity, however, coupled with a sense of adventure, pushed me forward. Many mistakes and ventrues in software led me at times to delete everything that I had, but the reward has always been learning.

    Three years ago, I could hardly understand how to create a channel in vbulletin, not to mention other intricacies such as installation or setting up a mod Now, I am way advanced in vbulletin use than I was before.

    Still curious to know more about scripts and how they are coded in the forums. Hope one day I will have the chance to get into the proper learning of php language and other related staff.

    The main challenge I am facing, however, is not with the codes as much as with the audience. I have also noticed that this problem has become universal. Almost the vast majority of forums complain that members come and are maintaining zero presence and activity. In my forums, there is not much that I can do without active members. I have navigated dozens of options but failed. The last resort was to abandon my facebook account and refuse to respond to any message coming to me except through the forums.

    Ten years ago, the forums world saw a boom. Everyone was there doing something with thousands of threads and replies. The setback happened suddenly when forums upgraded themselves to vbulletin 4 (I think). The new layout did not have a domesticated style or template that could have the same appeal as did the previous ones. This, I can say, cut down members to more than half. If there is any tip for improvement, I think a study has to be made and a survey with members to see what exactly they like to see in the forums, template-wise.

    Wishing you all the best, and thank you for this productive and lovely space.