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    Official - Paid vBCloud AutoLinker

    vBCloud AutoLinker (others call it AutoLinks) is a vBulletin Cloud keyword linking system designed to automatically convert particular words or phrases used in posts into hyperlinks. There are a number of this mod for vB4 but I've never seen anything for vB5 and vBCloud. This is probably the first for vBCloud!

    Here are possible uses of AutoLinker:
    • Advertising - You can configure particular keywords to link to products or services that you are selling or advertising for your affiliate marketing program or your e-Commerce site. For example, whenever a user mentions "camera" or "web hosting" in his post, it will be automatically linked to a product page with your affiliate id and if someone clicked that link and bought the product, then you will receive a revenue.
    • Linking of frequently used words in your site - In support forum, how I wished that whenever I mention "enable debug mode" phrase in my post, it would be automatically linked to my blog post or to BirdOPrey5's blog post. Right now I always have to find one of those links and insert it manually into my post. With this mod, Administrators will be able to configure frequently used words, phrases or sentences that will be linked to an appropriate page and they will save a lot of time answering members because helpful links are provided instantly, resulting to high level of satisfaction for members.
    • Glossary - If you have definition of terms or online documentation in your site, you could link frequently used terms to that page. For example, "contact us" would link to your Contact Us page.

    • Designed specifically for vBCloud. vBCloud does not allow modifications by default. But sometimes there is a workaround depending on how a mod was implemented. This is the case for this mod.
    • Convert keywords everywhere a post is displayed across the site.
    • Autolinks are easily customizable using custom CSS.
    • No noticeable drop in performance. Tested on an actual live site with a set of 70 keywords to convert.
    • Free lifetime upgrades

    • Not fully SEO-friendly. I have plans to make it fully SEO-friendly in version 2.0. This is only for the self-hosted version though and totally not possible with vBCloud.

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    discoverxs' demo links (posts #4 and #7 in the thread for the self-hosted version of the plugin. Although this mod was implemented differently for vBCloud and the self-hosted version of vBulletin 5 Connect, the way it works is the identical.

    This mod is specifically designed for vBCloud. For the self-hosted vB5 Connect version, go to this vB5 AutoLinker thread.

    Please refer to the installation document included in the file.

    Price: $50 (including free lifetime upgrades)

    Payment Accepted: PayPal or Debit/Credit Card

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    Need help or not comfortable installing this mod? Purchase the installation service below:

    Product Installation Add-On: $20
    Purchase this product add-on to get professional installation of this mod from us.

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    glennrocksvb , is this mod up to date, or are there plans to convert it over to the cloud hook? I'm thinking about implementing it


      This mod can be converted into a template hook. I will add it to the list. Thanks!
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        It's actually already in the list
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          I'll just wait then


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