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    Update Vbulletin

    Now after vb 5.3 is released, I would like to update to it from 5.2.6

    This will be my first update with vbulletin and.... I am a bit scared to do something wrong

    I have read the online documentary, but its a bit confusing to me.. because its very messed up I think.

    What I would do now is:

    - Download the "Entire Package" (does it overwrite my addings/changes to translation?)
    - Create a backup
    - Turn off the Forum in Admin Panel
    - upload ALL files (?) via FTP
    - open in my browser
    - enter my member number
    - start upgrade

    Is there missing something?
    I wonder if I have to make any changes to my .htaccess or the config.php ?

    Oh.. and the premium mods I bought from you Glenn, will there be any problems?

    couple things i add to that...

    when i do backup i grab a zip of files and also db so its easy to go backward if you need to....its possible to "reupload" back a previous version package if there is issue but i like just perfect db/files match set and no mixed files that shouldnt be there.

    you shouldnt need to update phrases/translations..

    i delete the favicon file before uploading or it will replace my custom one......htaccess is marked .txt before installation so thats no worry...config shouldnt need change either

    for custom products if you have any conflict you can disable all products and test one by one to see which one is making the problem....this can be done in a test environment if you are concerned of potential delays/problems


      The way i have done this is more or less the same as you have posted and yes it is always wise to backup database if things do go wrong all you need to do is restore your database and reupload the older version of vb edit the config.php to point to the database.
      One thing you may find is that if you have any custom mods installed they may not work as expected.
      As long as you follow the instructions it should be fine and as someone who has not missed an upgrade since version 3 right up to version 5.3.0 including all alpha and beta releases without any major problems i would reccommend an update to 5.3.0
      Wise men say nothing Fools never listen


        You will also need to update the config.php. vB 5.3.0 introduced 2-factor authentication. The setting is in the config file.


          Hello everybody,

          I have already updated without problems but now i can not remember which folders i need to upload

          I have to update from vb 5.4.2 from 5.4.4, I remember that there were 3 folders that I did not have to load, one was the images folder but I do not remember the other 2,

          Who helps me please?


            You have to upload everything inside the 'upload' folder (except the file favicon.ico if you've replaced it with your own custom favicon). I don't know where you got the information not to upload the images folder.