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    Official - Paid Auto-Create Flag Report Topic

    This vBulletin 5 plugin automatically creates a discussion topic to a designated forum channel whenever a flag report for a post is created. This has been one of the most sought after missing vBulletin 5 features that is available on older versions. You can rejoice now with the release of this mod for vB5.


    Generated Discussion Topic
    Click image for larger version  Name:	screenshot-topic-min.png Views:	0 Size:	70.2 KB ID:	19348

    Plugin Configuration Settings
    Click image for larger version  Name:	screenshot-settings-min.png Views:	0 Size:	55.2 KB ID:	19347

    Screencast Demo:

    Compatibility: vB5 (self-hosted only). Not compatible with vBCloud as this requires uploading a PHP file to the server.

    Price 1:

    $25 (with branding in the footer)

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    Price 2:

    ($25 base price + $25 branding-free)

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    Need help or not comfortable installing this mod? Purchase the installation service below:

    Product Installation Add-On: $20
    Purchase this product add-on to get professional installation of this mod from us.

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    For Credit Card payment, please purchase from the store at the following links:
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    We're weighing up which version to go for here. Can you show me an example of the branding in the footer?


      It's just a link in the footer above the vB copyright.
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        xyon, here's an example of branding in the footer.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
Views:	147
Size:	31.6 KB
ID:	19402


          Works beautifully!

          nice GIF


            Thanks for purchasing and the nice feedback Fleiding


              Purchased !

              Great mod, one small feedback however, it would be great that if the Flagged report that appears in your notifications area, when you click on ''Go to post'', rather than it take you to the actual offending post, it would be good if it re-directed you to the report thread created in the report forum as generally there will be more information in that area regarding the report and leads to a less fragmented system.


                Thanks for the purchase panzerscope!

                Thanks for your suggestion. But it would be complicated to implement. The flag report doesn't know that there is an associated discussion topic created for it. So it wouldn't know how to link to that discussion topic.

                I attempted to programmatically edit the flag report to insert the associated topic link but it wasn't feasible. Please see more details on this topic:


                  Hey Glenn,

                  I figured you likely tried but wanted to mention it anyway. Its no big deal, just glad to have the functionality back !


                    Something I have notice with this tool. When you create a report, it will quote the excerpt of the reported post as you would expect. The only issue is that it sends a ''You have been quoted'' notification to the user who created said post. The issue is that this gives a level of transparency which allows a user to know when he has had his/her post reported. Any way to remedy that ?


                      That's a good catch. Thanks for reporting it.

                      The only solution I can think of is to get rid of the "Originally posted by" in the quote. This is done by removing the userid of the poster of the quoted quote in the [QUOTE] BBCode in the code. This should result in no quote notification since the system doesn't know who originally posted the content.

                      Originally posted by panzerscope View Post
                      The issue is that this gives a level of transparency which allows a user to know when he has had his/her post reported.
                      But thinking about it, that may be good or bad. So do you think making it a mod option a good idea? Some may like the transparency, some may not.


                        No probs Glenn.

                        Hmmm. So this could be fixed by simply removing the UserID ? So instead of a report coming in with a quote headed by "Originally posted by panzerscope", it would instead be "Originally posted by Anon" but you would still retain the quoted excerpt of the reported post ?

                        If so, I think this is a small trade off in order to not alert your users to them being reported, sometimes ignorance is bliss. By having users know they have been reported, it can invite many questions and can make a mountain out of a molehill. I have always found these systems should only alert Staff, not the general public.

                        Even with the userid being removed, the report will still contain a link to the reported post, so finding the username of the offending user is only one click away. So for me at least I think it would be handy if this mod was re-worked to remove the UserID.


                          Without the user id, the "Originally posted by ..." will go away but the quoted post and the quote style will still be there.


                            Well even so I think that is a good trade off bud


                              I want to purchase it
                              is it easy to install? I love it when it is click and go
                              I bought force read topic (75$) I could'nt install it because it is too complicated.


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                                Editing a comment
                                nevermind it works! I forgot to upload the upolad folders and directories