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iframe or PHP/HTML module

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    iframe or PHP/HTML module

    Hi, we run vb5 on our intranet system. We also have in house employee information system that use mysql database.
    I would like to display some information from the employee db to the VB home page.

    I have created a test.php page that connects to the employee info system db and displays the records from the relevant table. This page has combination of both html & php scripts. I have used bootstrap 3 on this php page for styling.

    What is be best way to display this page/information on the vb5 page, shall I use iframe or copy paste the code to the PHP module ?

    Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

    I run an intranet site as well, I use iframe tags with no issues.

    I know very little of php.

    I suspect either will meet your needs, and I cannot think of an advantage over the other. If there is, someone else can chime in.
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