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    Slider Module

    Hi Glenn,
    Now I know you know i have added the slider module to my forum AND I like the fact the it gets it's display from featured posts as well as from both Blogs & Articles.

    I however, have been taking another look at your slider....... and would like to add that function to my forum BUT~ your source for it, seems to be coming from elsewhere.
    Do you have a special folder for them or is it something else ?

    ALSO~ since it seems to have quite a lot of space in it~ I would like to place some poetry ( 14 lines ) in it AND also have it show NOT on the home page but on others. Is that possible ?

    AND if so 1 what about 2 or 3 showing different things on different pages ?

    O i O -U too

    My slider module also sources from the featured topics just like the default. The only difference is I edited it to display the topic's author's avatar.


    • O i O -U too
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      SO~ 12 testimonials = 12 individual posts - & each post- then having *feature* that correct ?

    • glennrocksvb
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    • O i O -U too
      O i O -U too commented
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      AND~ that group of posts each an individual image AND NOT viewable by any but you ~ Correct ?

    Hello again Glenn,

    Now I know people get very, very protective of their forums and I can completely understand that AND AGREE with it.

    You however have done a fantastic job on my forum AND I feel it should reflect HERE TOO.

    So I have sent you an image which I hope you will apply to your Testimonial slider~ hopefully showing both My appreciation for that AND also some indication of the sort of work you have been so kind as to do for me.

    IF out of order I will not take any offence AT ALL, as i said I do understand.

    O i O -U too.
    a.k.a. * mE in E.D. too *

    OH~ I might add of course that t'were i able to upload more images I WOULD BE just as grateful to place it HERE... on this post too.

    OR~ maybe you can?


      I'm sorry. But adding it to my Testimonial module wouldn't match the design and identity of this site. Thanks for your suggestion, nonetheless.


        No problem and you're welcome AND~ THANKS for at least considering it ( Don't ask Don't get ~ does not always GET )

        HOWEVER< Glenn~ as I think you are beginning to *know* all of my questions & suggestions HAVE & DO take that into account *** AND *** Nigh on always have a secondary & even a 3rd reason for asking.

        In this case it is just as the topic says Sliders~ your own particular vB slider just a starting off point. { would still however like you to add it to your above post )

        SO *sliders! * Well I have seen many forum owners complain about visitor * sliding in & then sliding out *~ of both their forum and *it's* MIND.

        AND to mY mind ~ *with* ideas, questions, thoughts, hopes and *wish* for a set of members and an owners WHO do instinctively~ understand the following

        * 2,4,6,8, JUST WHO does WHO... UP-preciate * Which in YOUR case *is* NOT you appreciating me BUT~ ME ~ seeing that YOU are both here and SUCCESSFULLY SO.......... *IS* VERY- VERY MUCH in *MY* interest.

        AS TOO~ Is the Membership already HERE.. actively...doing THEIR BEST To...... SHOW... both your & other Potential vB owners THAT THAT...... is actually the case FOR THEM TOO.
        AND SO~ a slider~ to my way of T*inking, open to members WHO Understand the value of *teasers*.......such as the image I hoped you would put to your Testimonial slot......would be perfect, for both them.... AND go a long way to TELLING~ ALL that vBulletin IS NOT A DEAD IDEA.

        Just a thought.

        I realise that it would take another Category to be set up BUT~ If you combine a MOD~ that allows forum owners to apply a permanent CLOSED CONDITION to that Category alone...... it will also call for Forum owners to give MORE thought to the titles used for their Categories.

        Teasers~ It's an art you know, Aim for it... and you will... GET IT.