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    Official - Free Allow to Like your own posts

    By default, you are not allowed to Like your own posts in vB5. This restriction may not be desirable for some people. Facebook and other social sites allow liking your own posts, why not on forums?

    If you want to do this, you'll need to edit the Reputation API. Follow the steps below:
    1. Logon to FTP or cPanel (or equivalent) on your server.
    2. Open the /core/vb/api/reputation.php file. You may want to create a backup of this file before editing it.
    3. Find the 2 instances of the following line:
      PHP Code:
      throw new vB_Exception_Api('reputationownpost'); 
    4. Comment out that line so that PHP parser will ignore it.
      PHP Code:
      //throw new vB_Exception_Api('reputationownpost'); 
    5. Save the file.
    This is a FREE mod. If you use this mod, please consider donating to show your and support. Thank you!


    This requires a PHP file edit, so:
    • That means this mod is only for self-hosted version and not possible in vBCloud. Sorry vBCloud owners!
    • You will lose the changes whenever you upgrade. You will have to re-apply the changes every time.
    For those who are not comfortable editing PHP files on the server, you could purchase the Product Installation Add-On service below and we will install this mod for you.

    Need help or not comfortable installing this mod? Purchase the installation service below:

    Product Installation Add-On: $20
    Purchase this product add-on to get professional installation of this mod from us.

    Buy Now Add to Cart View Cart

    can you make same mode,so guest can like post?


      Likes are associated with users who liked a post. To whom a Like would be associated with for guests? Guests don't have user account. Their userid is 0. And besides, if guests can like a post there's a greater chance that it would be abused by malicious users who might create a script that automatically sends loads of API requests to your server to like posts.


        you8 just made a point, thanks man.


          You may need to check this in your forum, even when am login i still see this message
          You need to be logged in to view the code. Login or Register now! The error goes off after i refresh the page several times or login and logout and relogin.


          • glennrocksvb
            glennrocksvb commented
            Editing a comment
            Yeah that's a known issue. I will upgrade soon and hope it will be fixed.

          only my opinion like your own post is like you brush your own horse or fancy them self!
          voyger.: In Almighty God I trust, everyone else has to provide evidence."


          • glennrocksvb
            glennrocksvb commented
            Editing a comment
            Yeah I agree this is not for all. I'm not even doing it here. Blame it on Facebook which started all of this Like feature.

          working well


            Works great. 👍