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vB 5.x: AdminCP: how to a list of 1:1 relations?

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    vB 5.x: AdminCP: how to a list of 1:1 relations?


    for an Addon, I need to configure 1:1 relations and I wonder, how to do that.

    The scenario: I want forward messages using Slack. For that to work, I need some kind of lookup table using the nodeid and Slack's channel id, leading to those 1:1 relations.

    I would like to configure that using AdminCP, but I don't know how to do that. Right now, all settings made end up in the options array, available using
    vB::getDatastore()->getValue('options'); But that does not allow me to lookup the channel or node id, using the respective other one.
    So I have setup a lookup table, which I administer using SQL statements right now.
    The idea is to provide a configuration screen within AdminCP, which reads all available rows from that table, allows add/edit/delete entries and save it to that table. If it can display entries only and the user than has to enter another configuration screen to add/edit/delete a specific entry (equivalent to the AdminCP's cron settings), it would be fine with me aswell.

    Any ideas on how to solve this?