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Users attachements and profile photos

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    Users attachements and profile photos

    Hello guys,

    I am trying to migrate the users profile pics and posts attachements from a custom built forum to vbulletin.

    The biggest problem i have so far is that i do not know how to set up the folder structure for importing the images

    Can some one please explain where the pictures get stored, and how the fiolder structur should be like?

    I read about moving the images from database to filesistem, so i already know how to do that, but this is a bit different, since i need to upload the images in the file sistem , and them have them displayed on the front end.

    Any help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you all!

    There's an import/export tool for vBulletin called Impex. I'm not sure if it supports your previous forum software though.


      Thank you for the tip. I tried using it, but unfortunatelly impex is not a good solution in may case. I am importing from a custom made forum created on CodeIgniter.

      That is why i need to understand how vbulletin organise the images.

      Any help is appreciated.
      Thank you!


        This was very useful thank you for the detailed description.