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    Import Extensions...

    Good afternoon!

    Some time ago my website was hosted under phpBB3 and had very good extensions but due to security problems I lost the web completely and I decided to recreate it under vBulletin.
    My version of vBulletin is 4.2.3

    The question I want to ask you is if there is any way to use some, not all, of the extensions I still have for phpBB3.

    If so, and you can explain to me what I should do for such a dream, I will greatly appreciate it.

    NOTE: I'm sorry if I misspell English and you do not understand me.
    NOTE 2: I do not indicate my web/forum in case it is not allowed.

    .:: Hellendor ::.

    Depends on what extensions take a look in you may find a mod that will do the same thing as the phpbb extension
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      Thanks Willie for your quick answer.

      In I already took a look and found more or less what I needed, the only thing is that the extension I have of phpBB3 is much better than the vBulletin.

      The extension is to have a Mini-Chat in the forum and the difference from one to another is that it has many options to edit text, answer them, delete them, create private and much more. The version I have of vBulletin is too simple and I would like to have something more complete. That's why I was asking if there is any way to use BB3 extensions with vBulletin.


        If an add-on was specifically made for a forum software, chances are it is not compatible with other forum software unless the add-on developer also made a separate version of that add-on for the other forum software.