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The vB4 reply/quote spacebar issue

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    The vB4 reply/quote spacebar issue

    Hi All,
    I was wondering if a solution had been found for the issue in vB4, where the spacebar becomes non-functional when replying to a post that is quoted. This issue only affects Chrome, and is documented on vBulletin's site. I visit other vBulletin sites that are based on 4.x and notice that many have fixed the issue, but I am not sure how.

    If anybody has any suggestions, I would be most grateful.
    Thank you,

    My vBulletin 4 site -

    For reference, here's the thread in that Greg was referring to:
    Helpful? Donate. Thanks!
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      It's a shame that that thread which you have referred to has developed into a row. I'm very sorry that the VB people are so entrenched that they refused to fix the problem – but on the other hand I don't think it's helpful for the people on that thread to have adopted their aggressive attitude in that way.

      I've had the problem as well since we upgraded from VB 4.1 to VB 4.25. It seems to be a mixture of the VB for upgrade and also an incompatibility of some aspect of chrome.

      It's not only when you quote somebody else's post but also when you try to edit someone else's post or your own post. It's pretty annoying and it certainly doesn't happen with other browsers. Also it's not only the spacebar, if you try to highlight a word and then immediately type over it, that doesn't respond either in chrome. You have to backspace the word out and then type. Not very time-consuming – but pretty annoying.

      I suppose if somebody was able to produce a VB 4 fix then it would be very well received by lots of people.

      I have to say that although I found the approach of the people on that thread towards the VB developer pretty unhelpful, I also thought that the attitude of the VB developer was not particular customer-facing. I think they could have been better ways to make it clear to people that there could be no further development on VB 4.


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