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BBCODE, No longer Parsing URL's Correctly

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    BBCODE, No longer Parsing URL's Correctly

    Hey guys,

    So I posted an issue on forums relating to BBCODE's Parsing the URL's correctly, see below

    Hey there,

    So I have a BBCODE for Facebook whereby If a user is inserting there FB post onto the thread they would have [FB][/FB]. The only issue is that when submitting the post, nothing comes up. I found that upon editing the post, the system is placing in the URL BBCODE within the FB BBCODE and you end up with
    [FB[.URL][/.URL]/FB][/CODE](I added the dots and removed bracket in the URL tag to kill it for this example)

    In order to avoid this, after placing the link in between my FB tags, I remove the autolink using the editor and then submit the post, everything then works just fine. Is there a way to stop the system from auto linking the BBCODE and messing it up ?

    Within my BBCODE config, I actually have it setup to Disable BB Code Within This BB Code, which I thought was what would fix this issue for me as you would expect it to kill the URL BBCODE that the system puts in automatically, alas it does not.

    Please see a screenshot of my FB BBCODES settings here:

    Any ideas ?

    You can see the full thread and Wayne's suggestions here:

    Has anyone else had these issues ? I have created a bug report as I have not been able to come to a fix conclusion with Wayne Luke, if anyone else has his issue, please vote for this :