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    Change Email template

    Hi Glenn, Hi all,

    Currently when a user receive a PM and have notification via email turned on, here's what he get from a "Phrases" point of view :

    Dear {1},

    {2} has sent you a private message. You can view the full message at:

    Here is a preview (may be truncated):

    All the best,
    Is there a way to see/modify what is refereed by those numbers ?

    I would like to include the full PM content and not a truncated version of it.

    Is there a way to do that ?

    Thanks in advance

    That would require editing PHP code that calls that template to supply the full message at placeholder {4} instead of truncated message.

    Personally, I prefer it to be truncated so that user is "forced" to visit the forum to view the full message. Giving everything in the email notification might prevent them from visiting your forum.


      Thanks Glenn,

      The target was staff members mainly, so that they can have a full preview of the content of the PM, but it's not worth the hassle of editing core files I think

      Thanks for the help & info