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Mass change / move of additionnal usergroups

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    Mass change / move of additionnal usergroups


    I've seen a fair bit of question regarding this important function being totally absent of various versions of Vbulletin.

    It seems impossible to do a mass remove or change of additional usergroup from the admin cp.
    You can trick the promotion system if you change of additional group is based on time, reputation or number of posts. But if it's an arbitrary decision, not based on the previous parameters, you can't. And you can't use prune/move as it only concerns primary and there's to my knowledge no other solution from the admin cp.
    This question is never answered on when asked, I wonder why, this is an important functionality in my mind.

    I plan to either do it directly from the database or via a custom "product" as it's now called.

    My questions are the following :

    1) Is there any other solution than via direct database edit or product ?

    2) Is there any limitation or danger by doing that, meaning : does Vb do anything else other than changing an entry in the database, when you remove or add a user to an additional usergroup ?

    Thanks a lot for reading and future answers


    PS : Of course doing it one by one is impossible with the big amount of users that are concerned

    Update :

    Looks like the only way of achieving this is by building a custom MySQL query to target all user that have certain usergroup and either changing those groups or simply delete them.

    Not editing the displayed usergroup doesn't seem to generate any issue, but could worth building up a better query to get rid of any displayed additionnal usergroup and replacing it by another one in which the users are