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facebook connect - signup and Import Facebook Data

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    facebook connect - signup and Import Facebook Data


    my site powered by vBulletin® Version 5.4.5

    with facebook signup now I can import facebook username and profile picture, but not the email or gender.

    Is it possible to import email and gender and location as well? to be easier to register.

    thank you

    I'm not too familiar with the Facebook Connect feature. Does Facebook itself allow access of email, gender and location to third-party apps? If not, then there's nothing vB can do to get those peraonal data.


      Thank you for your answer.
      Yes it does. The VB get already Facebook user photo and name but not email etc... When I want to signup using Facebook connect I will give the Facebook connect app permissions to access the email and gender ex.
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        If an app asks for the user's location and gender, Facebook requires an app review to see how the app uses those data.

        Anyway, I checked the Facebook Options in AdminCP and these seem to be the only user data (aside of course from email) that are imported from Facebook:

        Click image for larger version

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        So vB seems to be not requesting gender information from Facebook.


          Thank you.
          When I login with Facebook connect the vbulletin get only Facebook username and photo but not the email address

          you can test that on and try to signup using Facebook. Look at attachment.

          What can I do to get the email address as well as username and photo from Facebook.

          Very important for me :
          user photo

          But now I cant get the email as I told you

          If we can do something about gender as well or do some code editing
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            I'm not sure why email from FB is not used by vB. Did you post in support forum?


              I can’t post there now, my account waiting for activation. Can you ask for me thanks.


                You can do it yourself. You must be activated by this time


                  So it’s working on vbulletin 5.4.5 not vBcloud and I just need to edit the code to get it work on my site, right


                    Facebook Connect feature on vB5 should be working on vBCloud as far as I know. It should work according to vB's design and implementation without editing any code. If it lacks functionality you need, then you'd need to modify existing code and in that case, it can only be done on self-hosted and not on vBCloud.