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    I'm not sure if I should ask this question here or on another forum but I'm finding a great deal of info on this site so thought I'd take a chance. If another forum, I apologize and could you please direct me to the appropriate place?

    With that said, thank you for such an informative resource. I am new to vBulletin (and CSS n00b) and would like to make some enhancements to our Cloud platform (5.3.3). Here's the first enhancement:

    I would like to add the " + New Topic " button that's currently on each Forum page to each thread page next to the " Post Reply " button. Is this possible in the Cloud version? I'm finding several usability issues that I'd like to fix and this would solve the problem of users having to make multiple clicks out of a thread just to start a new topic.

    In essence, I'd like to add this forum button and place it to the right of this thread button .

    Thank you for your time.

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    I moved this topic to New Modification Requests/Suggestions forum channel.

    Thanks for your request. Yes, this is doable even in vBCloud. But it will not check if user has permission to create new topic. If they don't have permission, then clicking it would display the existing "not authorized" error on the page.


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      Thank you Glenn.


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        I think the + New Topic button should also be placed at the bottom of pages below the Cancel Preview Post Reply buttons too.


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          In vB5 that's not necessary as the button at the top is in the floating bar. It stays visible as you scroll down.
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            You need to be logged in to view the quote. Login or Register now!
            This is good to know Mark.B . Is there a setting in ACP because I checked our site and Glenn's above and they both don't have it. Examples:


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              He was actually referring to the Forum page where the actual New Topic button is in the floating bar by default.

              But if New Topic button is added in the floating bar in the Topic page as you requested, then you wouldn't need it to also be added near the editor buttons (Cancel, Preview and Post Reply) per what Mark said. But even if there's no New Topic button in the Topic page, I wouldn't want to add it near the editor buttons as this may just confuse users and if you type your reply in the editor and then mistakenly click on the New Topic button instead of Post Reply button, then you would lose what you typed. You may recover it by clicking the browser's Back button but that's not a good user experience.
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                Thank you and yes, I would agree with that logic. Hopefully the + New Topic button can be added the the Topic floating bar. I think that would be a nice feature.