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  • Double post prevention

    In vB4 you had the option to set a time limit for specific user groups to prevent double posts from being made. If they tried to make another post within this time limit their last post would be updated with new content. Is it possible to create this for vB5 as well?

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    Right now I don't know a option to do this. The only thing could be do it with a mod (not yet made)... hide the answer button if user is last one who post a post in the channel.
    Only an idea...


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      I saw that feature in vb org. But I think it's also a mod and not a default vB feature. I believe it was Paul M. who made it.

      Anyway, I'll check if that's possible in vB5.


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        I wasn't sure anymore if it was a default feature or a mod, but thanks Glenn!


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          To properly implement this mod, I need specific PHP hooks added by vBulletin.

          Please vote for this JIRA:


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            Thanks Glenn, I will.