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Login from CMS to the forum

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    Login from CMS to the forum


    we use a closed CMS, the name would be mentioned on private channel.
    The login data of the logged in user should be transferred from the CMS to the vbulletin Forum, version 5.4.0.

    Here is the information in advance.
    So the user data is exported once a night from the CMS to the forum, so that the UserID, UserLoginname, Userpassword, the password in encrypted form, already exist in the forum database.

    What we got?
    • the UserID,
    • the user login name,
    • the password, in encrypted form,
    • Access to the CMS cookie.

    The vbulletin login is to be generated from this data.
    vbulletin core customization is also available.
    If this process can be solved using the vbulletin API, it is also acceptable.

    We are obliged to pay an amount.
    What we would like to know, how long would the work on such an adaptation take?
    And unfortunately we cannot give direct access to our server, where the CMS and the forum is installed, so that the communication must run either by email or here over the forum.

    If anyone is interested, please contact me.
    For the admin, if the post is not in the correct category, please move.


    Topic moved.

    Is this what you need?


      Something like that.
      The only problem is that we don't have the password in plain text.

      In the API documentation I found the method login2 ( ), according to the documentation, the user can be logged in without password in plain text.

      At the example of I built a login with the method login2, see file in appendix.
      To test the file test_login.txt must be renamed to test_login.php.

      When calling the file via I get the following error message:

      HTML Code:
      result: Array
          [errors] => Array
                  [0] => Array
                          [0] => badlogin_strikes_logintypeusername
                          [1] =>
                          [2] => 2
                  [1] => Array
                          [0] => exception_trace
                          [1] => ## /var/www/die_seite//html/forum/core/vb/api/user.php(5099) Exception Thrown
      #0 /var/www/die_seite/html/forum/core/vb/api/user.php(4937): vB_Api_User->processLoginError('MyTestUser', '', '1')
      #1 /var/www/die_seite/html/forum/core/vb/api/user.php(4868): vB_Api_User->loginInternal(Array, 'MyTestUser', Array, Array, '')
      #2 [internal function]: vB_Api_User->login2('MyTestUser', Array, Array)
      #3 /var/www/die_seite/html/forum/core/vb/api/wrapper.php(199): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
      #4 [internal function]: vB_Api_Wrapper->__call('login2', Array)
      #5 [internal function]: vB_Api_Wrapper->login2('MyTestUser', Array, Array)
      #6 /var/www/die_seite/html/forum/core/vb/api/logwrapper.php(68): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
      #7 /var/www/die_seite/html/forum/test_login.php(62): vB_Api_Logwrapper->__call('login2', Array)
      #8 /var/www/die_seite/html/forum/test_login.php(62): vB_Api_Logwrapper->login2('MyTestUser', Array, Array)
      #9 /var/www/die_seite/html/forum/test_login.php(67): do_my_login_vb()
      #10 {main}               
          [userid] => 113508

      If I call the page more times behind each other, then I get the following email:

      Dear MyTestUser,

      Someone has tried to log into your account on Forum – Die Seite with an incorrect password at least 5 times. This person has been prevented from attempting to login to your account for the next 15 minutes.

      The person trying to log into your account had the following IP address:

      All the best,
      Forum – Die Seite

      What do you think about the implementation?
      Does the error message only hang when calling the vb classes?
      Or are the user access data incorrect?

      Sorry to be so late in answering, but I have a lot of work to do
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        The password in vB5 is using Blowfish encryption scheme. Is that how the passwords from CMS are encrypted? But even if the stored passwords are Blowfish encrypted, you can pass a plain text or MD5 password when calling the login API. The passed password will then be encrypted using Blowfish to compare against the database.