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Best Web Hosting 2018

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    Best Web Hosting 2018

    According to, here's a list of top 10 web hosting services based on uptime, load time and support.
    1. BlueHost (Best Reliability)
    2. HostGator Cloud (Best Cloud Hosting)
    3. SiteGround (Best WordPress Host)
    4. A2 Hosting (Fastest Shared Hosting)
    5. iPage (Cheap Option)
    6. GoDaddy (Best Small Business Host)
    7. MDDHosting (Good for Small Sites)
    8. InMotion (Best for Small Business)
    9. Hostinger (Best Cheap Host)
    10. FastComet (Best for Web Designers)

      Rounding up the rest...
    11. WebHostingBuzz
    12. ASmallOrange
    13. Site5 Hosting
    14. GreenGeeks
    15. WebHostingHub
    16. LunarPages
    17. HostGator (Shared)
    18. HostRocket
    19. JustHost
    20. HostPapa
    21. DreamHost
    23. HostMonster
    24. Hosting24
    25. MidPhase
    26. HostNine
    27. WestHost
    28. FatCow
    29. IxWeHosting
    30. NameCheap
    31. HostMetro
    32. Arvixe
    33. WebHostingPad

    Is your own web hosting provider on the list? claims that to do the hosting review, they signed up with 30 most popular web hosts, set up blank WordPress website, tried their customer support, monitored their uptime and speed, and published reviews. They said that they are paying customers to all of the web hosting providers listed on their site.

    Visit their site and use your best judgement if you want to believe in their reviews or not.

    We've listed best web hosting services you can safely use in 2018 and beyond. Read our web hosting reviews on speed (ms), uptime (%) and customer support. Data doesn't lie.
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    (Cheap Option) really crup

    infomaniak to me is the best affordable reliable and professional very fast use optical cable
    voyger.: In Almighty God I trust, everyone else has to provide evidence."


      Long time no hear, Glenn!

      I can't thank you enough for recommending A2 hosting, Glenn. I've been with A2 now for over a year and today added their Turbo Litespeed and LScache options. Their customer support and "Guru" are top notch.

      I now see dedicated servers by them that have tons of ram which eases my mind about the future should I ever need a dedicated solution.

      Load times on my end are less than a second.

      Click image for larger version

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        Hey William glad to hear from you again!

        Thanks for the A2 Hosting testimonial.

        Looks like you are in good hands with your host and the new forum platform you're using.


          We use a British company called Bytemark

          We've been with them for almost 14 years – since the beginning of my forum.

          Bytemark started off as a very small company formed by a couple of Cambridge graduates. I have no idea how big the company is now or how it really compares with other hosting companies.

          However, the reason that I would nominate this as the best hosting company is because they run it very intelligently.
          My forum is a consumer rights forum which offers free legal advice to ordinary people who wouldn't be able to afford anything else. We constantly take on banks, debt collectors, retailers, cowboy builders, used-car traders – you name it.

          We challenge these people all the time and with our help ordinary people often take them to court – and win.

          Over the years we have received a lot of defamation threats from some of these companies – or generally speaking their lawyers.

          I gather that with most hosting companies, if they get any kind of threat from a legal company about defamatory content or copyright breaches on one of their servers, their first reaction is to pull the content or to close down the client/server – and then to ask questions.

          I have always found with Bytemark, that they contact me and they listen to what I have to say and they review the material which has been complained about and then they make a decision.

          I suppose sometimes I've caused problems for Bytemark, but in the end they have never closed me down and because they have a good understanding of the relevant law, they have always been prepared to stand firm against lawyers who think that they going to manage to close us down by threatening a hosting company.

          The guys who run Bytemark also understand what it means to have freedom of speech and they are prepared to take risks where they think that it is right to do so.

          As a result, even if Bytemark is more expensive than anyone else – and I'm not sure that they are – they've been fantastic for us over the years. We have a great understanding and great working relationship – and they understand exactly what my forum does and they support it.

          I'm not sure that you will get this with any other hosting company. I consider that I have been very lucky to have come across them.


            Thanks BankFodder for a comprehensive testimonial.


              I never really like Hostinger, yes, it's cheap but most expensive in other wises. And I constantly hear about BlueHosting but I think it's expensive. Some of my friends are hosted in BH and they gave me good recomendations. So, I guess it's really great choice.


                I use Fragnet, fair pricing and not to bad support if needed,


                  Is A2 hosting still a good host for vBulletin forums? I was a very happy ServInt customer for many years. They were bought out by LeaseWeb and now we are having terrible performance at our NFL-related forum during game days. And that's only with like 100 users online at the time. Pathetic. I complained and they told me I need more cores and more memory for a lot more money a month. So I'm shopping.


                    I used to use A2 Hosting for vB and I was satisfied. I only moved to Linode because it has cheaper plans. I'm still using A2 Hosting up until now but for a different site (not forum).
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                      Glenn, what is Fast Host?