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New Alexa Skill I created: Lullaby Baby

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    New Alexa Skill I created: Lullaby Baby

    This is my second Alexa Skill after the very first vBulletin Mods That Rock Latest Posts Alexa skill.

    Lullaby Baby Alexa skill plays lullaby songs and has the following features.

    1. You can play a specific song by saying its title. (Say "<song title>")
    2. You can play a random song. (Say "play a random song")
    3. You can play all the songs in fixed order. (Say "play all")
    4. You can play all songs in random or shuffled order. (Say "shuffle")
    5. The song plays continuously until you or your kids fall asleep.
    6. The song plays with specified timer. (future feature)

    Check it out!
    With Lullaby Baby skill, you can play sleep songs for your kids during bedtime or nap time every day.