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    Hi Glennrocksvb

    A feedback to tell you that this product works well under vB 5.5.0 and imported videos are responsive.

    However, I am not sure that your product that places your special badges work, my badge does not appears next to my username and I am not listed.


      Thanks for the feedback!

      Were you referring to the buyer badge (icon with cart below your username in postbit)? It's there.
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        Yes I know, I am referring to the other badge, the donor badge, I gave you few bucks the same day as the purchase.



        I got an issue with 4K (3840x2160) videos, the error message is Mime Type not correct.

        No problem in HD (1920x1080) but If I edited the HD video, I got the same error message (Mime Type not corrrect), I have to insert the video again to fix it.

        The Mime Type is video/mp4
        Tested on FireFox.

        Any idea ?


        Just testing, it's ok in Chrome.


          This seems like a common Firefox issue.

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            The solutions given in these two links do not work with recent versions of Firefox. The only solution that works is to convert the 4K that does not work with FireFox in HD that works. But this is not really a solution. Even if I get the 'look' of 4K, it remains HD.


              Just to give a last feedback about this product.

              This product works perfectly with vB ​​5.5.0. Uploaded videos are responsive which was a must for me. I uploaded several videos, some with a size of 200MB in a shared hosting plan and they work very well: streaming, etc.

              Interested by an upgraded version in the future.



              I would be interested in this product under vB 3.8.11. Is it possible to make a custom code?

              So, the product will have to be PHP 7.2.15 / PHP7.3.2 compatible.

              I have the budget.

              Best Regards


              I am very interested in this modification.
              Is there a way to upload the videos via FTP and play with the player or can only be inserted as attachments. Basically I don't want to change PHP values and I don't want to configure permissions so other users can't insert videos. I just want to insert videos myself.


                I am doing tests before buying, and I have enabled the upload of 1GB in video. But if I upload more than 100MB I get an error.
                Videos less than 100mb if uploaded correctly.
                Could that error be due to the PHP memory limit?

                I have the size of the mp4 files set to the maximum possible size, which is more than 10000MB I don't think that's the problem.

                Can anyone give me some clue what may be happening ??

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                  I have tried to increase file sizes and I cannot upload files larger than 100mb in my vbulletin.

                  I don't know what could be happening

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Captura de pantalla 2020-02-04 a las 20.32.05.png
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                    Bought this and love it for the mp4, can this work with iphone's .mov?


                      Any update on this
                      glennrocksvb ?

                      When I upload a .mov the code adds a source type of .mp4 and it will not work in a browser outside of anything on an iphone

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 7.52.33 PM.png
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                        This mod still works well under 5.6.4 PL1 but has the same bug in 4K with the latest version of Firefox (89.0).


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