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    Group URL


    i noticed that after upgrading from VB4 to VB5, the url's of my groups have changed to something different.

    So i went in the database, in node table, and changed the urlident field from '-?v' to 'xreme-cars-and-stars'

    Now, if i access the url like i can see the group, but if i access the url like it says the url can not be find, even if i already changed that in the database.

    I have cleared cache, optimised tables and empty the search index.

    Click image for larger version

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    What should i do to make it work on the new url? Maybe there is something i am missing?

    You should not edit the database directly unless absolutely necessary and you know what you're doing.

    You can change the URL in Sitebuilder. When you click Edit Page then click Save Page, you can update the URL of that page.
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      Thank you.
      I am aware of that, but i also noticed that when i edit a group the url changes itself, so because i have a bout 300 groups , i tought it would be faster to edit them all in the database, and set a pretty url, instead of the default letters and numbers.

      Is there any way to chanege them all, without having to go at each one, and manually change the page url?


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