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Need help adding new purchased theme to database

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    Need help adding new purchased theme to database

    Hello everyone,
    Yes, I am new to vBulletin and am only learning how to do things. My site is finally up and running, however, I purchased templates/themes from this website and need some help adding them to my server/getting them to work.

    I have finished steps 1 and 2, but have no clue on how to perform 3 and 4.

    1. Extract ZIP folder.There will be Upload foler, PSD folder and readme.txt
    2. In the Upload folder, there is a style folder "xderium", please upload this folder into your forum core/images/

    *** now its in core/images not like vb4

    3. Please upload the product xml from Admincp> Product & Hooks> Manage Product> Import Product> product_stsocialsforceriumdstyle.xml
    4. Please upload the vbulletin-style xml from Admincp> Styles & Templates -> Download/Upload Styles > vbulletin-styles-xxx.xml

    It's difficult to suggest anything more for steps 3 and 4 - they detail precisely what you have to do. You go to the admincp paths specified, browse for the file specified (which should be in the download package I would guess) and import it.


      Step 3: You have to go to .../admincp/product.php?do=productadd (your Admincp/ replace the ... with your domain), search the file product_stsocialsforceriumdstyle.xml and after you open it from there you press import. Ready
      Step 4: Go to .../admincp/template.php?do=files& (your Admincp/ replace the ... with your domain), choose the file vbulletin-styles-xxx.xml, set a title (the user see this title in style-chooser) at the field Title for Uploaded Style and press import.

      Your new style should be available to choose in the footer of your forum. | Das deutschsprachige vBulletin 5 Forum! | Widgets, Free & Exclusive Mods and Tutorials in german.
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        Thanks everyone, I feel like an idiot after logging into the CP and doing as suggested.