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    Is there a way to add the Comment link like you have on your site in the Cloud version so users can reply directly to a post without having to click Quote or scroll to the bottom of the thread? We don't have it or at least don't know how to add it. This is a cool feature.

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    That is an existing feature. It is controlled by the "Can Comment" permission in the Usergroup Manager in AdminCP.


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    Another question glennrocksvb. Can the Reply icons (Attachment, Toggle Advanced Editor, Smilies) be added to the Comment text box? Also, is there a setting that when someone posts a Comment, it will appear in the Last Post column on Forum pages? I guess that's two questions.


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      No, you can't make the comment box use the same editor for posting replies.

      For the comment not appearing in the Last Post column, I think that's a bug. Wayne Luke or Mark.B can confirm.


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        There are a number of instances where something won't appear in the last post column. Caching is one of them. Caching is different for guests than it is for registered users. Wouldn't know if it is a bug without some investigation.