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Issue with “Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags”

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    Issue with “Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags”

    Hi Glenn

    As you know we’re running our forum on vB 5.4.2
    In sharing a post from our vB forum to facebook or twitter , we encounter the issue that the post image would always be FIXED to “Image URL” which we defined in [Option - Facebook Options- Image URL] in our vB Admin Control Panel.

    Issue is POST IMAGE/PHOTO would always be fixed to the said image url (which we pointed to our site logo image” EVEN IF THE PARTICULAR POST WE ARE SHARING TO FB OR TWITTER DOES HAVE AN IMAGE ATTACHEMENT !!

    By the way we have also set [Option - Facebook Options-Show Open Graph Meta Tags] in our vB Admin Control Panel to YES !! , of course when we tried to set it to NO , then no image at all would appear with the post on FB or TWITTER !

    We understand that the expected or in fact desirable result of setting [Option - Facebook Options-Show Open Graph Meta Tags] in our vB Admin Control Panel to YES, is that FB or Twitter should look 1st for the images attached with the post itself , and would use it for sharing, and only in the event of sharing a post which has no images attached then it would fall back to the image we set in [Option - Facebook Options- Image URL].

    Now as a result of this our fb and twitter account and those of our clients ARE FULL OF REDUNDANT REPLICA OF OUR SITE LOGO , which is totally unappealing for good advertising practices :’-(

    Please advise on how to adjust meta tags for FB and Twitter (AS A TEMPLATE HOOK PERHAPS?) , as a means to restore the usual expected functionality of the image meta tags being
    1- First option image for post sharing is the post image / media itself
    2- Site logo image is only for fall back in the event that some particular posts may not have images attached with it

    Any thoughts would help

    Happy new year by the way

    I think this is what you need:

    You have to disable the default Open Graph Meta Tags option to prevent duplicate meta tags when using this mod.


      seriously? this mod you designed will make post sharing to twitter and facebook look for the image in the post 1st and uses it instead of the default ? and would use the default site image ONLY IF AND WHEN the post you intend to share has no image attachment ?


        Just took a look at the link , looks like yeah, ok , sold !, will pm the payment receipt, how do i receive the module ?


          Ok got the instruction now in paypal will pm now the transaction details , tnx glenn