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    Hi everybody,

    I would like to introduce you to my forum. The forum is especially to help german users crafting a vBulletin 5 forum and help them out with problems or regular questions.
    But not german users are also welcome to join!
    Because the add-ons are mostly english, I created also a english-area to ask some stuff about the add-ons.
    Started to work on vB5 4 Years ago because a friend of mine was asking for help with his vB5 forum.

    After I migrate 2 big forums to one vB4 he want to update to vB5. That was a big mistake at this time... but now vB5 is getting very stable and also better and better every upgrade.
    He wants to have a lot of customization on his vB5 and I have to search for mods or possibilities to create my own mods.

    So 4 Years after starting I collect tons of information and got a big scope of creating mods for vB5. Glenn was a main part of collecting that information and helped me out with a lot of questions. So I would like to thank him for answering all the questions and his kindness. Glenns mods are rocking vBulletin to a higher level and I think it was and still be a great address to visit!

    Hope you like my forum. Das deutschsprachige vBulletin 5 Forum! | Widgets, Free & Exclusive Mods and Tutorials.
    You will find a lot of good stuff here!

    Nice site! Glad to help you learn to create vB5 mods.



      I'll be joining you shortly, if *u* don't mind, that is.

      Towards THAT -don't mind,
      I see your command of English verges on AWESOME.

      SO~ please take a look at ;..

      IT~ relates to 2 things I believe are of particular interest.

      1} Difficulties in and around INTRODUCTIONS

      2} THE DAM *english mans* very, very, very slippery approach to *YOU*,

      3} if *U* would be so good, perhaps *U* can register too. Won't expect much there, Just need to introduce the concept of * Vixler * (*u* of course using Vixler as username)

      ( Wanker- in English mans English parlance. * mine)


      i O i TOO... "said MOM" (86 views 02/0219)


      • delicjous
        delicjous commented
        Editing a comment
        Sorry, don't get what exact you want from me :-)

      Thanks for getting back so soon- thought it would take longer.

      Well I'm (so i've been told) a strange sort of VIXLER...

      SO~ The 1st intent of my above post WAS to test... THE AWESOME ! I applied to your fluency in English_ Please comment.

      2nd~ intent WAS to see if *Vixler* actually means *Wanker*.... in German.
      Wasn't trying to suggest the you are one.

      3rd~ If indeed so... you signing up to that forum... as VIXLER... would allow me on that forum... to have a LAUGH....*U* TOO...( until the real meaning... is tumbled upon )
      YOU of course... in the know... but silent about it

      Are you beginning to get my drift... ?

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Me and my delusionals.png Views:	1 Size:	141.7 KB ID:	16420.../..... Regards iO REsearch a.k.a O i O -U too.

      OH & Please mention both the fact the you came across their site VIA THIS FORUM & mention if you would be so good that IT WAS O i O -U too... that sent you there.
      NO mention of YOUR forum Please OR that we are having this conversation AGAIN PLEASE.


      • delicjous
        delicjous commented
        Editing a comment
        Iam struggling to understand your posts and what that post have to do with my forum-intro. I will not register at any other forum, but thanks for your offer.

      Fair enough... Don't ask don't get

      Would you, now that I've given some idea about my approach to... to English men, have any problems with me joining your forum ?

      I need a Forum... I can post on... with which to explore Google translating service.