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    Hi everybody,

    I would like to introduce you to my forum. The forum is especially to help german users crafting a vBulletin 5 forum and help them out with problems or regular questions.
    But not german users are also welcome to join!
    Because the add-ons are mostly english, I created also a english-area to ask some stuff about the add-ons.
    Started to work on vB5 4 Years ago because a friend of mine was asking for help with his vB5 forum.

    After I migrate 2 big forums to one vB4 he want to update to vB5. That was a big mistake at this time... but now vB5 is getting very stable and also better and better every upgrade.
    He wants to have a lot of customization on his vB5 and I have to search for mods or possibilities to create my own mods.

    So 4 Years after starting I collect tons of information and got a big scope of creating mods for vB5. Glenn was a main part of collecting that information and helped me out with a lot of questions. So I would like to thank him for answering all the questions and his kindness. Glenns mods are rocking vBulletin to a higher level and I think it was and still be a great address to visit!

    Hope you like my forum. | Das deutschsprachige vBulletin 5 Forum! | Widgets, Free & Exclusive Mods and Tutorials.
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    Nice site! Glad to help you learn to create vB5 mods.