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    Hello everybody,

    I am Jane. I am new to vBulletin 5, after having used vBulletin 3 on many personal forums in the past. I hope to learn from your posts and your add-ons!

    I have worked on gaming websites in the early 2000s, and vBulletin was the way to go there. I kinda skipped the 4.x generation, as I was busy with work and life, and I did not have the time or money to handle forums on the side.

    Recently, due to several circumstances in my life, I have decided to leave my old career and go back to things I have enjoyed and love, and this was certainly also maintaing forums and interacting with people having the same interests as me.

    I purchased a vB5 license recently and I am just experimenting on my local installation, but I will soon use it for a public project.

    Thanks all!

    welcome to forums, this site may be your only source for vB5 mods. Vbulletin 5 modding is stagnant these days.


      Thank you, so I realized, in fact! I think it is also because it seems vB5 was not designed with customization in mind.


        Hello Jane,
        Yep, you're right vB5 is not easily set up for any sort of customisation.

        BUT~ Glenn worked his magic for me in that regard and whilst I'm still of two minds on it I still have it up.

        Take a look if you want some idea of just how far it can be taken. Cost me by the way nigh on $850 with all the addon you will see. BUT~ to my mind and my intent.... well worth it.