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    Hello all

    Sorry I cannot write to much as I use voice recognition software as I am a blind UK veteran, yes really I must be the 1st but there you are I have a guide dog named Calvin so any help from any one that would be great if I need it. I run a Military website, and I am in the process of bringing it up to date with that HTML5 thing, and its doing my head in. But I will stick at it, when its done I will let you see it and maybe you can give me your comments, before I publish it, I could do with some critisism lol. Well thats it I cant think of anything else to say, oh I know what I forgot, I am 65 years young.
    See ya

    Welcome to Gerry McNeilly! Nice to have you here on my forum. Thanks for joining and the introduction. Please feel free to post any questions in the appropriate forums. See you around!


      IN DEED Nice to see you, to see you nice!

      That voice recognition software...... Great starting point. Pray tell!


        Originally posted by O i O -U too View Post
        IN DEED Nice to see you, to see you nice!

        That voice recognition software...... Great starting point. Pray tell!
        I use Supanova screen reader and voice recognition, given to me by Blind Veterans UK


          Hello Again Gerry,
          Have you had *Foresights Fortuitous* conversation *with* yourself yet?

          I ask because the 3 blind people i actually know~ have always found an underlining subtext annoyingly, so they say, being applied to them by those they enter into conversation with. Namely BLINDNESS & their fear of asking about it?
          ALSO bar none of them..... they have *FELT* more sorry for the so called Sighted's - blindness, than ever sorry for themselves.

          So 1st a little about me. I too am a veteran, BUT~ of a war so long forgotten, and a purpose whose intent you may well know of BUT~ as mis-qoute in and amongst THE MILITARY.
          THE UNKNOWN Soldier *AND* YES~ I am making myself known AND~ the war for so long forgotten.

          To that end might i ask if you would take a LOOK at my site (link in private messages) which is madly laden with images, BUT~ via Supernova, i would like very much to *hear* both what IT thinks of those images AND what you think of the current content.
          Bear in mind please that it is still under construction and aimed at all PINK MOTHERS only.

          In addition I have below added my version of *Owe-a-Tree* and would like to hear verbatim if possible... exactly..... i mean just what iT says.

          Ululations ~ & Other Tight ~ T*inking Methods

          _ Poetry { *Owe a Tree } - Said to stem from Tightest Minds.

          D*KNOT ~ 'D*CONTENTION

          Now~ I'm told there's a correct way to lance
          pustules pulmonic pus AND Puissants prance.
          BUT~ Is there a way through laxatives....... whence ?
          One avoiding rush to give~ head offence,
          ~ a tense perhaps, i can foil without fence
          ~ and still get to needle your denca sense.

          It's *not*~ you understand ~(my) contention
          but our democratic education
          that points to a view of a pustule you.
          One- i must prick, if needs be, I too must view
          ~ Equalities Educational phew.
          *We Too* of course, thinking ONE * needs * ~ Tongues Shoooo'.

          Me ? i think imaginations ~ that test
          ~ BUT, best *white* vests chests say
          *U-all* ~ stink... under chest.

          ~ Needs be too, vest say must be left till dead
          ~ life's a lesson, they say.... in avoiding... * instead * ~ BLED.


          • O i O -U too
            O i O -U too commented
            Editing a comment
            AND NUM NUM~ why don't you post 1 of your ever funny videos here, and lets see too what is made of it.