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Hello Glen

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    Hello Glen

    I don't want to post an introduction since my definition of just how complete a 1st introduction should be HAS already HERE once been attempted-So please !

    What I would like from you is answer to the following;

    Could you, would you please quote a price for an update of current site. BUT via a screen share of that process SINCE I can't afford to pay for every time VB updates, and since too I will be having at some point Others who will also need to be able to update.

    I do promise not to make the share available to any but myself and my Moderators.

    ALSO~ Please a price for showing the same way, just how to apply a full image (picture) to the background AND have all the rest (forum itself) as a transparent image.

    ALSO~ how to make that an option for all under the styles heading.

    I will I HAVE NO DOUBT also be needing most of your current MODS~ BUT not just yet.


    I don't have a professional video tool to make a nice and screencast. But if I ever do, I would post it on Udemy or something similar.

    Did you mean to add a background image that covers the entire page and then make the background color transparent so you can see through the background image?

    Please elaborate on the 3rd point.


      hello again Glen,
      ( I must get the following dismissed 1st *and* your typed response on each, even if that response proves to be~ I don't understand ! Asking without a gun but with that sort of insist, that you attempt as best only an expert can do... tell me just what it is you do not understand )

      Please do not try to understand my motives, even I do not understand them fully. Bar of course that I really do want a personally customised forum of my own AND upon it really, really do want to remain ignorant of how to code.
      i.e. value of that stance, to any on the web...... is , I feel one that can not be explored fully, once IGNORANT... is no longer the case.

      SO !
      1] to me a recipient of many donations (albeit in the main, because MONEY itself and those that administrated said donations really did want me and them too to benefit from my time as a street eyesore. Begging difficult to do in the UK with them and NHS have made a minimum level of income.
      Them of course wanting that ethos to continue.
      I agree.
      POINT~ that I do in fact... use those donations to honour both that and the NHS system.
      SO~ (& I'll do it anyway) would a £89.00 ($110.00) donation do more than just enrich your bank account? no other strings, only a proof of my sincerity.

      2] assuming all ownership information readily available~ just how long would an expert that to upgrade a vb5 forum ?
      i.e.~ how much of your $100 upgrade service is allotted to time taken ?

      3] How does that charge equate to hiring a vB5 expert... for an hour of time.

      O I O U-too.


        Sent you a PM.


          Thanks Glen,
          nice of you to suppose that $110 to be me attempting to hire you.

          You would however be mistaken in that. as I said NO STRINGS attached.

          Although if you want you can offer a low rate to screen share with me and to take a look, with me asking recorded questions , at some of the things i would like to see happen on my Forum.

          Please, 1 hour should do, but only because i have samples of that on another FREE Forum.


          • glennrocksvb
            glennrocksvb commented
            Editing a comment
            Sure. Let's schedule it in the PM. It doesn't need to be posted publicly here.


          some sort of idea.;

          Click image for larger version

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            Hello again GLEN,

            You could of course use THAT latest Donation to Buy~ and offer- via some sort of competition... that meets YOUR OWN requirements

            Referencing a vB5 connect FORUM.
            { Who knows Maybe they will give me 1 too ( set mY own Conditions- for winning, in other words )

            I'm sure they will even give you a discount,, even if not a medal.

            I DO NOT~ want to influence you in that.

            I just need a *timeline* record of my approach to THOSE I communicate with regarding any help I ask of them.


            UNDERstand ....*this*...clearly please:

            I DO KNOW WHAT MY Interests are;
            AND~ when it come to helping me... there are rules... I want to see applied by both you and me!

            Primary of which is:

            1} in your own interest is where I expect you to start.

            2} ~ You never let mE forget.. that!
            3} SAME as last rule..... YOU NEVER LET ME FORGET THAT !

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              Hello Glen AND Forum,

              NOW~ Normally In situations like this one, I would send a PM to Glen.

              HOWEVER~ In*light* of both the Interests of Glen AND the Post above... the copy and pasted eMail, it *is* also NOW in the interest of another too.
              AND~ since decisions to actually DO Stuff, like Supposed post above, being nigh on always DEPENDENT upon *IT*, I feel obligated to raise the issue here.

              AND since this incident would normally pass with no remark ~ I have tried to find where It was put before posting this.
              AND~ have failed. ALL likes Options... show none. 03/02/2019.

              OH ~ By the bY Thanks Tuttifrutti.


              O i O MOMs too.

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                hello Glen, How fortune SHINES,

                Anyway~ I see (via email) that you have posted me a message, BUT~ upon trying to read it*on THE FORUM*... well, The red Message button
                1} shows well.
                2} can't get it to open
                3) BUT of even more concern is that ... I do not see a PM option, in to your Post Pit, or anywhere for that matter.
                i.e~ for immediately respond.

                May just be me BUT~

                AS for your Email / message IT does show the content GREAT.

                SO~ a} Will get on to Hosts... 9am my time,... that the one you are referring too ?


                O i O -U too


                  NOTE TO SELF:

                  Numbers 72 , no likes, postClick image for larger version

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