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Intro post from the dogs!

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    Intro post from the dogs!

    I'm the webmaster for K9 Trust: Rescue - Rehab - Training. We are a non-profit dog rescue in Colorado that takes in the dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia due to behavior issues (aggressive, have bitten previously, etc.), were picked up in a "Kill City" (ie, a city with a Breed Specific Legislation in place), or simply because the owner couldn't afford the vet bill for a medical issue. We then take those "worst of the worst" dogs and, bring them out of their defensive shell, and give them all the support they need to trust humans again.

    We truly believe that there is no such thing as a "Bad Dog", only dogs that have had bad experiences. I have yet to meet a dog that was not able to be taught how to trust again. That's the key to your relationship with your dog, the trust they have towards you.

    After that trust has been rebuilt, we then test them for aptitude as a working dog. If they don't show the aptitude for that, we train them in basic obedience and find them a great adoptive family. If they have the compassion and empathy needed, then we train them for work as a certified therapy dog for care centers around Colorado. Then there's the pinnacle of our training programs: If they show that they have the ability and drive, we then partner them with a disabled handler and train them for work as a PTSD/Mobility/Psychiatric service dog (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990).

    Normally, a fully task trained service dog would run a person in the tens of thousands of dollars due to the time investment required. We are different in that we partner our service dogs with their handlers and then train both the handlers and the dogs at the same time so that they are able to build that personal trust between them. By the time we're done, the dog knows their handler's needs better than the handler themselves. And we do this on a sliding-scale charge. Meaning that if you truly have a medical need for a service dog, we're not going to turn you away because you are low-income. For those that can afford it, we do charge for the services we provide, but only because doing what we do costs money and is not free, but again that's on a sliding-scale based on your ability to pay.

    That's what sets us apart from most rescues and shelters around, we will stick with the families who adopt our rescues and help with training and support while they build the trust needed to be the best family they can be.

    That said, I've been tasked with getting the online side of things working while we take our rescue operations out of our house and into an actual facility. We've been doing this work for years now, but only recently decided to incorporate and become "official", which puts the work of online on me. Seeing as I have a lifetime license for VB5, I figured I'd reuse that instead of paying for another forum software, and so here I am because it seems that the mod community over at vborg died off after the whole IB / VB fiasco, and based on literally everything I've read online, here's the place to be for vb mods now.

    So here I is.

    Welcome to community K9Trust! Thanks for joining us and for a nice long intro. We wish you the best on what you do to rescue dogs.